Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disney saves Bahamian coral reefs!!!!

So, Disney just so happens to be one of the biggest companies on the planet. That's why when they do something about it. IT'S BIG.

Disney recently created a series of feature films all having to do with the environment. The latest is "Oceans". As an incentive to come and see the movie, Disney has decided to save 55 square miles worth of coral reef in the Bahman region. That is the equivalent to 412 Disneylands. To establish this project Disney has partnered with The Nature Conservancy's Adopt a Coral Reef program.

Why help the Bahamas coral reefs?

Scientists have recently estimated that in 50 years the coral reefs in this region will be gone unless they begin to be managed. Also, this coral reef area makes up 30% in the entire world.

Disney also gained money for this cause by using their profits from the in store ecofriendly "Save the planet earth" bags. Through this, and other donations, Disney added another 4,000 acres of reef onto their protection plan. The Nature Conservancy, hope to grow the reef in the future.

In my opinion, this is an easy way for a huge money maker, like Disney, to contribute to the environment. With Disney's net worth topping right at 35 Billion dollars, its safe to say that they have plenty of spare change. I thought that the coral reefs,off the Bahamas in particular, was a unique choice. People are always so quick to focus on the Australian reef, that we forget that they are all over the planet. These are also closer to home, which made me more connected to the project.

Not to mention, when your spending the whole twenty bucks at the movie theater, it's nice to know that at least 8 (which you spent on the ticket) will be going to save the environment around you. This project represents to me a way people around the world can have fun, while helping the environment.

To learn more about the project visit

How can you help Disney save the reef?

Buy Disney Oceans on DVD October 19 and Disney will make a contribution in your honor to the reef conservation project.


  1. I think that this is an awesome idea. Not only is Disney helping the environment but they are encouraging other people to help. It is possible that they will inspire other people to help the planet in different ways. With Disney being such a big name I see this protect growing and evolving to become something bigger.

  2. Disney is amazing. From producing movies to helping the environment. It's great that they get the Disney stars to encourage envrionmental friendliness considering young adolescents look up to those individuals. It's good that they start sending out the message when these children are young. I'm glad that my million dollars it costs to see a movie is going to something beneficial to the environment.