Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disneyland Trains Run on Used Cooking Oil!!!


           Many of Disneyland guests walk past the track of railroad that encircle the park and say "Why does it smell like french fries." They usually don't get an answer and continue their day as normal. But they are right. It should smell like french fries.
           In 2009 the five trains that run daily in Disneyland were changed from diesiel fuel to that of biodiesiel, using cooking oils from the restaurants and resorts within Disney property. This oil is collected from these possible areas and shipped from Disneyland to Coachella Valley where it is mixed with a small portion of diesiel fuel, and then shipped back. Disney is using this effort and many others to try to recycle materials already being made by the property. Otherwise these materials would have ended up in landfills or as runoff into the ocean. Likewise, in 2008 Disneyland won an environmental award form recycling 7.6 million bottles and cans.

         The number of people that will ride these trains per year is 6.6 million. And they will generate 200, 000 gallons of fuel. In which Disney will be able to fund half from their cooking oil supply. Later Disneyland would use this method to fuel the Mark Twain steamboat.
Recently in class we have discussed how run off and sewage can be very dangerous to ecosystems. By Disney taking this step this will help minimize their biological footprint.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What if you could help a nest of sea turtles, like Crush, increase their chances of survival?

Well, Guests as Disney's Animal Kingdom can now "Adopt-A-Nest".

During the turtles nesting season, theAnimal Program surveys the beach near Disney's Vero Beach Resort in search for sea turtle nests. Once they find the nests, they mark them and number them. The team then transfers the numbers and the dates that the eggs were laid to the Merchaindaise team. The team later researches each nests individual success.

Guests who purchase a nest recieve an adoption certificate with a specific nest number, a plush Squirt from Finding Nemo and a Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund hero pin. Guests can use disney's online source to track the success of their adopted nest and recieve news of hatchlings. The fee to adopt is $50 which benefits the DWCF(Disney World Conservation Fund) and sea turtle conservation efforts in their home state of Florida.

Since the program began in July 41 nests have been adopted. Sheryl Koenes a general manager at the resort says, "This is an exciting way for our guests to continue learning about sea turtles, as they track their nest and become further educated on all Disney does to conserve wildlife. It creates a connection long after they have traveled home."

In class we recently discussed ecosystems. And the sea turtle is definatley an important part of Florida's oceanic ecosystem. With sea turtles on the decline, this is a fun and educational way to help get hundreds of little hatchling into the ocean. I say this every week, but Disney did it again. Their ideas are never dull or of the ordinary, but always new and exciting for anyone who learns about them. Everyone should participate in the Adopt-A-Nest program.

Nemo would be proud to know that you are helping to save his friends!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The World's Most Beloved Fairy a UN Ambassador?

        Yes its true. The little green fairy with the sassy attitude is still taking over the world. In October of last year, Tinkerbell was named an "Honorary Ambassador of Green" from the United Nations.  Through her position Tink will be able to bring environmental awarness to young childern all over the world.
        After the screening of Walt Disney's latest Tinkerbell film at the UN Headquarters in New York, the United Nations immeditately decided that there would be no better person to spread the message to the world's youth. Kiyo Akasak, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, said this about the little fairy, " This beloved animated character can help us inspire kids and their parents to nurture and do what they can to take care of the environment."
        Almost all of Tinkerbell's movies have an underlying theme of the importance of nature and the beauty of the world. Making her morals and values even more appealing to the younger crowd. The UN hopes that Tinkerbell will help to make children aware of how they can help save their planet's future.
        While I am sure the UN has a good motive for picking such a beloved character, this could almost be minipulating to young childern. I am sure if you walked up to any 4 year old and told them that Tink would die if you didn't stop leaving on the lights, I am sure lights wouldn't even have to be installed in rooms of almost every child on this planet. Not to mention, the tears that would follow. Yes, it may not be expressed in that harsh of a way, but its true. The UN knows that young children are puppets under this small fairy's control. And who wouldn't be?
        All critisism set aside. Tinkerbell is still a very wise choice to help children better relate global issues to their life. Instead of hearing words out of their vocabulary describing the global issues, Tink will help bring the basics to their attention. 
       Tink becoming a UN Ambassador relates to our environmental issues in that she may be able to have an impact on future generations. Helping to teach them that what they do can help save this beautiful planet we live on.

Check out this video of Tink recieving her award from the United Nations:

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Disney's Worldwide Conservation fund grants nearly 1.5 million dollars to wildlife!!

          As discussed in my previous blogs, with so much money coming in, and so many environmental issues, Disney seems to put all of their spare change into the environment. Whether it be ticket sales from a movie or awarding students for their own solution. They are working to find way to impact the environment.

           Each year Disney's Worldwide Conservation fund donates money to grants that help protect the wild and ecosystems. This year the company nearly reached 1.5 million dollars in grants given away. Disney has provided grants for organizations that will effect over 45 species around the world. Their total over the last ten years has been 15 million dollars in grants.

Here is a list of this years recipients:

1. Black Lion Tamarin Conservation
2. Northern Jaguar Project
3. Save the Elephants
4. University of Hawai- working to conserve the green sea turtle
5. International Rhino Foundation- Protection of the Sumatran Rhino (most endangered rhino species)

Primate Conservation (1 million dollars)
Cat Conservation ($900,000)
Elephant Conservation (850,000)
Sea Turtle Conservation (850,000)
Rhino Conservation (625,000)

         After reading this articale, I found no surprise that Disney has decided to donate so much money to environmental organizations. However, the articale was not very elaborate as to how these organizations would be helped by these grants. It would have been nice, as a member of the public, to know how these organizations are being helped. None the less, Disney is doing a good job at putting the environment first when it comes to their "spending money." Most companies put a grin on their face with  thoughts of new ideas, technologies, or salary bosts that they could put the money towards. This relates to class because it shows a company trying to make a difference.

Its reassuring, defintely during these rough economic times, that their are still some companies that are concerned about the world around them, rather than the need for personal advancement.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Disney's Planet Challenge Kicks off for a second year..and further expands!!

           Disney's Planet Challenge program offers students all around the country a chance to help their environment. With Disney offering national prizes and state prizes.  Participation is free and registration is now through December 17, 2010.
          For the project students must address an environmental issue and change it.  Beth Stevens,vice president of Environmental Affairs at the Walt Disney World Company said, "It is our goal to inspire a sense of environmental stewardship in kids as the inheritors of our planet, and education is a critical component of that." The challenge has decided to expand it's doors to grades 6-8 and even reaches to an elementary level of grades 3-5.
        Disney also is providing funding for classrooms that have an idea but might not be able to find the funds to perform it. Disney has teamed up with which is a charity that will send "citizen philanthropists" to classrooms in need. Disney is in turn providing $250,000 worth of grant which goes to 50% of the funds needed for classrooms.
         Disney will be using two video sources to help make students aware of the environmental issues that they can help impact.

And I am sure your wondering...What are the prizes?

           Disney will provide a trip to Disneyland for the entire elementary national prize winners and a $200,000 dollar grant to the middle school national prize winner. And both will have their own published Marvel Comic.

           When I first read this article I was worried as to how the schools were going to get the money to fund their project. But Disney had an answer before I could get too upset. It's great to know that not only is Disney promoting students, not to mention at such a young age, to help their environment. They are also so dedicated to the initiative that they are willing to donate company dollars to help the students get started. As they said in the article, they are trying to promote young people about what is going on in their world and how they can fix it. And I think this is a perfect way to do it.......not to mention you could win some pretty cool prizes!

Check out this video of the announcement of last years winner!!! (Mickey makes an appearance too!!)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disney saves Bahamian coral reefs!!!!

So, Disney just so happens to be one of the biggest companies on the planet. That's why when they do something about it. IT'S BIG.

Disney recently created a series of feature films all having to do with the environment. The latest is "Oceans". As an incentive to come and see the movie, Disney has decided to save 55 square miles worth of coral reef in the Bahman region. That is the equivalent to 412 Disneylands. To establish this project Disney has partnered with The Nature Conservancy's Adopt a Coral Reef program.

Why help the Bahamas coral reefs?

Scientists have recently estimated that in 50 years the coral reefs in this region will be gone unless they begin to be managed. Also, this coral reef area makes up 30% in the entire world.

Disney also gained money for this cause by using their profits from the in store ecofriendly "Save the planet earth" bags. Through this, and other donations, Disney added another 4,000 acres of reef onto their protection plan. The Nature Conservancy, hope to grow the reef in the future.

In my opinion, this is an easy way for a huge money maker, like Disney, to contribute to the environment. With Disney's net worth topping right at 35 Billion dollars, its safe to say that they have plenty of spare change. I thought that the coral reefs,off the Bahamas in particular, was a unique choice. People are always so quick to focus on the Australian reef, that we forget that they are all over the planet. These are also closer to home, which made me more connected to the project.

Not to mention, when your spending the whole twenty bucks at the movie theater, it's nice to know that at least 8 (which you spent on the ticket) will be going to save the environment around you. This project represents to me a way people around the world can have fun, while helping the environment.

To learn more about the project visit

How can you help Disney save the reef?

Buy Disney Oceans on DVD October 19 and Disney will make a contribution in your honor to the reef conservation project.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

About Me!!!

Hello World!!! I am a high school senior who is currently taking an environmental class. In this blog I will be talking about some environmental issues that are important to me.

Besides being in this class some of my other interests are dancing and cheerleading. I am also a huge Disney fan, and I am sure many of my posts will be on Disney's contribution to a greener planet. Did you know that Disney has huge green houses in which they grow their own food and shrubs for their environments and restuarants?

I would like to go to a college in Florida to major in Theme Park and Resort Management (obviously getting a job at Disney eventually).

I can't wait to share all of my great "green" finds with you. Comment me on what you think.