Monday, October 11, 2010

Disney's Worldwide Conservation fund grants nearly 1.5 million dollars to wildlife!!

          As discussed in my previous blogs, with so much money coming in, and so many environmental issues, Disney seems to put all of their spare change into the environment. Whether it be ticket sales from a movie or awarding students for their own solution. They are working to find way to impact the environment.

           Each year Disney's Worldwide Conservation fund donates money to grants that help protect the wild and ecosystems. This year the company nearly reached 1.5 million dollars in grants given away. Disney has provided grants for organizations that will effect over 45 species around the world. Their total over the last ten years has been 15 million dollars in grants.

Here is a list of this years recipients:

1. Black Lion Tamarin Conservation
2. Northern Jaguar Project
3. Save the Elephants
4. University of Hawai- working to conserve the green sea turtle
5. International Rhino Foundation- Protection of the Sumatran Rhino (most endangered rhino species)

Primate Conservation (1 million dollars)
Cat Conservation ($900,000)
Elephant Conservation (850,000)
Sea Turtle Conservation (850,000)
Rhino Conservation (625,000)

         After reading this articale, I found no surprise that Disney has decided to donate so much money to environmental organizations. However, the articale was not very elaborate as to how these organizations would be helped by these grants. It would have been nice, as a member of the public, to know how these organizations are being helped. None the less, Disney is doing a good job at putting the environment first when it comes to their "spending money." Most companies put a grin on their face with  thoughts of new ideas, technologies, or salary bosts that they could put the money towards. This relates to class because it shows a company trying to make a difference.

Its reassuring, defintely during these rough economic times, that their are still some companies that are concerned about the world around them, rather than the need for personal advancement.

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  1. It is great that Disney is funding for wildlife! Considering Disney has a very large amount of profit, it's good that they are using part of it to save wildlife. Though, Disney does have "Animal Kingdom," therefore they should be sponsering endangered wildlife!

  2. I'm really glad that Disney is doing so much for the environment. It shows that they actually care about other things outside of making money. I think that is Disney donates, others will donate too.

  3. wow they are giving a lot of money away to animals. They obviously care about taking care of animals and the environment.