Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The World's Most Beloved Fairy a UN Ambassador?

        Yes its true. The little green fairy with the sassy attitude is still taking over the world. In October of last year, Tinkerbell was named an "Honorary Ambassador of Green" from the United Nations.  Through her position Tink will be able to bring environmental awarness to young childern all over the world.
        After the screening of Walt Disney's latest Tinkerbell film at the UN Headquarters in New York, the United Nations immeditately decided that there would be no better person to spread the message to the world's youth. Kiyo Akasak, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, said this about the little fairy, " This beloved animated character can help us inspire kids and their parents to nurture and do what they can to take care of the environment."
        Almost all of Tinkerbell's movies have an underlying theme of the importance of nature and the beauty of the world. Making her morals and values even more appealing to the younger crowd. The UN hopes that Tinkerbell will help to make children aware of how they can help save their planet's future.
        While I am sure the UN has a good motive for picking such a beloved character, this could almost be minipulating to young childern. I am sure if you walked up to any 4 year old and told them that Tink would die if you didn't stop leaving on the lights, I am sure lights wouldn't even have to be installed in rooms of almost every child on this planet. Not to mention, the tears that would follow. Yes, it may not be expressed in that harsh of a way, but its true. The UN knows that young children are puppets under this small fairy's control. And who wouldn't be?
        All critisism set aside. Tinkerbell is still a very wise choice to help children better relate global issues to their life. Instead of hearing words out of their vocabulary describing the global issues, Tink will help bring the basics to their attention. 
       Tink becoming a UN Ambassador relates to our environmental issues in that she may be able to have an impact on future generations. Helping to teach them that what they do can help save this beautiful planet we live on.

Check out this video of Tink recieving her award from the United Nations:

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  1. I think it's awesome that Tinker Bell was named UN ambassador. She has a great message and hopefully since winning this they will continue to make more Tink movies with good messages. I hope that this inspires kids to keep the environment clean.

  2. Why would the U.N. use Tinkerbell as a environmentalist? She is not the person I expected to be telling kids about how to save the earth. But I guess kids still like Tinkerbell and would help spread the word.