Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disneyland Trains Run on Used Cooking Oil!!!


           Many of Disneyland guests walk past the track of railroad that encircle the park and say "Why does it smell like french fries." They usually don't get an answer and continue their day as normal. But they are right. It should smell like french fries.
           In 2009 the five trains that run daily in Disneyland were changed from diesiel fuel to that of biodiesiel, using cooking oils from the restaurants and resorts within Disney property. This oil is collected from these possible areas and shipped from Disneyland to Coachella Valley where it is mixed with a small portion of diesiel fuel, and then shipped back. Disney is using this effort and many others to try to recycle materials already being made by the property. Otherwise these materials would have ended up in landfills or as runoff into the ocean. Likewise, in 2008 Disneyland won an environmental award form recycling 7.6 million bottles and cans.

         The number of people that will ride these trains per year is 6.6 million. And they will generate 200, 000 gallons of fuel. In which Disney will be able to fund half from their cooking oil supply. Later Disneyland would use this method to fuel the Mark Twain steamboat.
Recently in class we have discussed how run off and sewage can be very dangerous to ecosystems. By Disney taking this step this will help minimize their biological footprint.

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  1. Disney does it again! They also seem to have new ways in saving our ecosystem. I'm sure surrounding Disney resorts have an abundant supply of cooking oil they are glad to recycle for a good cause. In this case, they take it further and use it to fuel their attractions. I'd be nervous to ride the boat as cooking oil as its fuel. I'd feel much safer trying it out on a small Disney train attraction!