Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What if you could help a nest of sea turtles, like Crush, increase their chances of survival?

Well, Guests as Disney's Animal Kingdom can now "Adopt-A-Nest".

During the turtles nesting season, theAnimal Program surveys the beach near Disney's Vero Beach Resort in search for sea turtle nests. Once they find the nests, they mark them and number them. The team then transfers the numbers and the dates that the eggs were laid to the Merchaindaise team. The team later researches each nests individual success.

Guests who purchase a nest recieve an adoption certificate with a specific nest number, a plush Squirt from Finding Nemo and a Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund hero pin. Guests can use disney's online source to track the success of their adopted nest and recieve news of hatchlings. The fee to adopt is $50 which benefits the DWCF(Disney World Conservation Fund) and sea turtle conservation efforts in their home state of Florida.

Since the program began in July 41 nests have been adopted. Sheryl Koenes a general manager at the resort says, "This is an exciting way for our guests to continue learning about sea turtles, as they track their nest and become further educated on all Disney does to conserve wildlife. It creates a connection long after they have traveled home."

In class we recently discussed ecosystems. And the sea turtle is definatley an important part of Florida's oceanic ecosystem. With sea turtles on the decline, this is a fun and educational way to help get hundreds of little hatchling into the ocean. I say this every week, but Disney did it again. Their ideas are never dull or of the ordinary, but always new and exciting for anyone who learns about them. Everyone should participate in the Adopt-A-Nest program.

Nemo would be proud to know that you are helping to save his friends!

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  1. This is so cool. I love Finding Nemo--especially Crush! That's awesome that I can adopt a nest. Sea turtles are definitely a huge part of Florida's ecosystem and im glad that Disney is out there setting up a program to help save part of their ecosystem.

  2. This is a great way to help protect baby sea turtles from dieing. They will be able to get to the ocean without being killed.

  3. I love this. This is a great way for Disney to try and help save turtles and for people to make a difference as well.